Cmoar VR

Make your phone VR-ready

Integrated electronics

A little upgrade for your phone!

Even if you already have a high-end phone, you need a little more to achieve a truly great and immersive VR experience. Cmoar will offset the shortcomings of your phone thanks to the integrated electronics systems.

How does Cmoar communicate with your phone? Completely wirelessly and at a very low latency! All of this thanks to Cmoar USB DONGLE and radio connection.

We included external high performance sensors, genereting very accurate headtracking, a lot better than the one your phone provides. They are essential for the feeling of comfort and immersion in VR.

Low persistence feature reduces motion blur when you look around in a virtual world. This is an amazing and crucial technology, incorporated into Cmoar VR regardless of the phone’s producer.

Ergonomics & Design

Attractive looks and functionality can finally go hand in hand

Precise, universal and rapid setup
You will need to position your phone just once. With each successive use, just open the front part, slide your phone and you’re ready to go!

Functional buttons
As you’ve got Cmoar on your head, the buttons need to be extremely intuitive.

Head mounting
It makes the goggles incredibly comfortable on head.

Proximity sensor
Thanks to automatic repositioning, the goggles detect that you’ve put them on your head and they turn on by themselves.

Advanced optical system

See the difference with 48mm lenses!

Cmoar is the only mobile headset with such large lenses. They generate big field of view and give clear image so that you could literally enter the virtual world.

Sharpness regulation 
Our regulation covers nearsighted/farsighted eyes.

If you wish you can use Cmoar with your glasses on.

IPD coverage

Controller with motion sensors

It works like magic and is affordable for everyone!

It knows where it’s pointed or how you turn it. It even recognizes what speed you hit things at.