Cmoar Suit

Virtual Reality without limits

Feel even deeper immersion

Positional tracking of hands…
Cmoar Motion Controller knows where it’s pointed or how you turn it. Cmoar Suit knows it too but it can also tell whether you’re holding the controller close to you, or far away. Whether you move it up or down. Just like in a real world.

…and body
Wouldn’t it be amazing not only to look around the virtual world but also walk around it, move your body sideways, or even squat? Thanks to Cmoar Suit you can really feel your presence in VR, as it makes the experience far more natural and immersive.

New level of entertainment in mobile VR

Experience completely mobile solution, without any cables. From now on, you can go to your friends and enjoy mobile VR like never before.

Compatibility with HTC Vive

We are trying to make Cmoar Suit fully compatible with HTC VIVE positional tracking controllers and room scale function. In this way, the users of Cmoar VR and add-on screens will be able to get a full access to what SteamVR offers!

How it works?

We put sensors in certain places on your body.

Each sensor accurately determines the angle of deflection of the body parts.

The data is transfered to a virtual skeleton that mimics the body parts in a virtual world.

Cmoar Suit transfers data wirelessly, at a very low latency (<1 ms) to mobile or PC thanks to Cmoar USB dongle.

Design & Ergonomics

Cmoar Suit was designed to be attractive but also comfortable. You can quickly and easily put it on and off thanks to just three adjustment elements.