Cmoar for PC

Get access to Steam VR content Features 2160 x 1200 dual-display technology (1080 X 1200 per eye) running @90fps

Hybrid device

Cmoar VR has in-built sensors, so how about switching to a Cmoar add-on screen, connecting it to your PC and enjoying stationary VR? Sounds good?

Steam VR support

Explore a rich library of games & apps, created specially for VR!

So many things to discover

You can play your entire library of PC games in a virtual theater, or have fun with your friends thanks to Big Screen application. Additionally, you can play console games thanks to Xbox One and PS4 streaming to Windows 10.

Full body and positional tracking controllers

Thanks to Cmoar Suit, you’ll get access to all Steam VR games that make use of positional tracking controllers and a room scale function that will track your movement throughout a room.