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1st prize in Pitch Contest and investment negotiations

  The past one and a half months were really engaging for us and were marked by frequent meetings with VC companies and doing lots of pitching. We’ve managed to attract the attention of a considerable number of investors, who find the whole Cmoar project promising and scaleable.   Even though you may have the […]


Google I/O and Cmoar travel cases!

Hello!   I’m pretty sure that most of you who try to follow the news about VR are well familiar with the latest Google I/O.   I must say that the announcement of Daydream platform got me thinking for the last 4 days of the possible implications it has for Cmoar. I do […]


Heading for manufacturing and Cmoar VR ambient light concept

Hello,   Let us begin this update with the most important information. To cut the long story short, we spent last couple of weeks on meticulous tests of the pre-production prototype and scrutinized every aspect of it. We can finally say (with huge relief!) that it’s completely satisfactory to us and works impeccably!   Waiting […]


The development of the second prototype

We have a great pleasure to present the second, refined prototype of Cmoar VR to you. As put forward in the previous post, we managed to incorporate several significant changes to it but it still requires some corrections before large-scale manufacturing. We would like to stress the importance of this stage – the final model […]


Second pre-production prototype – not so bulky anymore!

A couple of days ago we received the components for the second, largely optimized prototype. As you can see the optimization brought nothing but positive changes, especially in terms of bulkiness of the headset. Well, this change is visible with the naked eye and we do hope you love it! Generally speaking, the constructor has […]


A new promo video and the best Christmas wishes!

Guys, as Christmas is approaching, the whole Cmoar team wishes you much happiness for Christmas and throughout the New Year.   We find it immensely poignant that you’ve always been there for us throughout the passing year and we could’t even express how grateful we are for that!   Have a wonderful Christmas! 🙂 Please, […]


Prototype testing

Last week was a period of hectic testing for us, just after we put the puzzle pieces together. We felt nothing but satisfaction to see the fully functional prototype with up and running mechanisms. As you can see in the pictures below, we tested it so zealously that it got dirty and worn out – […]


The updated delivery timeline and the most crucial features revealed

  We’d like to share surprising news with you – Cmoar will consist of 202 elements altogether and will require 44(!) injection moulds to come into being. Interestingly enough, this is just the number applicable to VR module only. We believe this impressive amount can at least give you a hint what a complex project […]