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Cmoar VR

Discover your smartphone anew

Cmoar is a mobile Virtual Reality headset, compatible with all the smartphones with minimum Full HD resolution, iPhone 6 Plus included. No dedicated phone is needed.

Cmoar Virtual Reality

Integrated electronics

Upgrade your cardboard into a more advanced device

    Cmoar has been enriched with 1000Hz output rate external sensors of the highest possible quality that provide an extremely sensitive headtracking and an outstanding immersion.
    Low latency between the movement of your head and the changing image on the screen is the key to make the experience as immersive as possible. The latency in Cmoar oscillates around 35ms but thanks to the asynchronous time warp feature, it has been decreased to around 20ms.

    For comparison, standard smartphones’ latency is around 75ms-90ms.
    Every cardboard user knows how annoying the drift problem can be. Cmoar solves this issue thanks to the integrated, standardized and calibrated sensors.

Wireless connection

Two types of connections for two types of smartphones

slide3 usb dongle
Phone background
Blurred image
Sharp image
Wireless signal
Usb signal
    Radio connection for the smartphones with USB OTG (USB HOST) with latency <1ms
    for the smartphones without USB OTG with latency <8ms

Low persistence

Reduced motion blur in every display

Patent pending hardware solution included in Cmoar reduces motion blur in every display. It is crucial for immersive experience in the virtual world. Cmoar is the sole mobile headset that offers this feature not only in OLED displays.

Phone background
Blurred image
Sharp image

Advanced optical system

Up to 105 degrees FOV thanks to the 48mm lenses

slide 5 image
    No prescription glasses required.
    Our regulation covers nearsighted/farsighted eyes.

    For the highest comfort and the biggest FOV.

Ergonomics & Design

Attractive looks and functionality can finally go hand in hand

Ergonomics 1 Ergonomics 2 Ergonomics 3 Ergonomics 4 Ergonomics 5 Ergonomics 6
    You will need to position your phone just once. It’s very easy but at the same time very precise. With each successive use, just open the front part, slide your phone in it and close it - as simple as that!
    Thanks to automatic repositioning, the goggles detect that you’ve put them on your head and they turn on by themselves.
    It makes the goggles incredibly comfortable on head. The whole construction is stable and balanced and the activity of putting the headset on is as easy as pie!

    These features allow you to jump into a virtual world, while the special ventilation holes prevent the lenses from fogging.
    One for charging the headset, the other for connecting additional accessories in the future.
    Not only does it serve a design purpose but it also informs you about the things the headset tries to communicate.

Control your smartphone when it’s inside!

Since you’ve got Cmoar on your head, the buttons need to be extremely intuitive

Left side Right side
    There are two function buttons on this side - the first one being Menu button, while the second is the Camera button that quickly takes you back to the real world.
    On the right, you have at your disposal two additional function buttons - Back and OK and probably the most important one - the analogue that helps you to navigate up, down, left and right.

Games & Apps

Let your phone take you to the Virtual World

You can download innovative VR games and apps that will take you wherever you wish. Feel free to explore the space, fight with monsters, have a ride in a rollercoaster, or compete with your friends in a kart racing. Let Cmoar transport you to the center of action!

Google Play
App store
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Karters Rollercoaster Cinema RPG Crocko

Personal Theater

Bring cinema to your home

Cmoar VR Cinema transports you to the virtual cinema auditorium, where you are able to watch 2D or 3D movies on a huge screen. This application gives you a whole range of possibilities:

  • displaying the movies straight from your memory card,
  • displaying videos from your PC in any format you wish thanks to LAN connection,
  • watching 2D and 3D movies directly from YouTube,
  • automatic subtitles and posters downloading.
Cinema background Cinema background

6-axis Motion Controller

Unique Motion Controller, specially for mobile VR

Our Motion Controller possesses internal sensors and supports iOS, Windows and Android.

Thanks to Bluetooth 4.0 LE technology, it is characterized by very low latency, offering the best mobile input device for VR on the market.

Motion controller

3D Home Theater

Smaller FOV, better quality

This little accessory, easily replaceable with VR frontal part, helps you to transform your 17” monitor into a large 3D TV set in front of you. It’s perfect for movies and games enthusiasts who value the quality of the image above all.

3d home

Virtual Reality headset takes you to the virtual world by providing a big FOV. 3D Home Theater accessory, on the other hand, projects a huge screen right in front you, while higher pixel density eliminates screen door effect.

Virtual reality backgrund
Home theater backgrund
Virtual reality goggles
Home theater goggles

Add-on screen

Low-latency streaming to Cmoar via HDMI

Streaming games from PC to your smartphone practically doesn’t make any sense due to very high latency. Cmoar Add-on screen makes this problem disappear. Exchange the front part, connect our add-on screen via HDMI cable to your PC and let the fun begin!


    • Enjoy the must-play PC titles in your headset, on a much bigger screen. Cmoar Home PC will duplicate image for both eyes.
    • Convert any PC game into SBS 3D thanks to TriDef3D application and enjoy the image of an incredible depth on a huge Cmoar screen.
    • Choose an option of playing games in Cmoar Cinema theater.

    *Only PC games that make use of Cmoar PC SDK will support PC headtracking feature.


    • Stream games from Xbox One to your PC with Windows 10!
    • Play Xbox One games in the headset. Cmoar Home PC will duplicate image for both eyes.
    • Choose an option of playing games in Cmoar Cinema Theater.

    *Does not support native headtracking in Xbox games
    *No direct connection between the add-on screen and the console. The connection needs to be via PC with Windows 10.


    • Stream games from PS4 to your PC thanks to Remote Play PS4 for Windows PC.
    • Play PS4 games in the headset. Cmoar Home PC will duplicate image for both eyes
    • Choose an option of playing games in Cmoar Cinema Theater.

    *Does not support native headtracking in PS4 games.
    *No direct connection between the add-on screen and the console. The connection needs to be via PC with Windows.

Add on background Xbox PC PS