Cinematic experience at your home

Watching movies and playing games take on a whole new meaning.
Huge and sharp vision of unprecedented quality, without any single visible pixel, thanks to the screens in your mobiles

2D Cinema screen

Thanks to one single lens that magnifies the screen, you’ll get 125” 2D virtual screen visible from 2 meters distance, in Full HD for each eye.

3D Cinema screen

Admire virutal 80” 3D screen visible from 2 meters distance without flickering or interlacing effect (thanks to stereoscopic image). Adjusted magnifying lenses enable you to watch 3D movies of high quality and amazing depth and without any visible pixels.

Entertainment in new reality

Enter the virtual world of the game and augment the reality without any restrictions.
Its up to you how you want to use it – for enterteiment or for educational purposes.

Virtual Reality

Discover new experiences with the strongest magnifying lenses and get 95 degrees field of view, with head tracking features.

Augmented Reality

See what cannot be seen. Enrich your reality in whole new elements. You have all three sets of lenses at your disposal, depending on what effect you, want to achieve.

REMEMBER! The better smartphone parameters you have, the better Cmoar you get. In specification, we use a 5,7 inch smartphone with Full HD screen.



to create the most universal, the cheapest and the most modern projection goggles in the world. Cmoar’s innovative device construction allows you to fully use their potential. Especially right now when the preliminary models with 2k screens have come on the market!

Cmoar Gogle


Games and Applications

created by Prosper Games Studio



Visit the most modern cinema in the world that will provide you the highest level of entertainment. Move your head, use the virtual remote control, select your seat, sit comfortably and just watch your favorite movies in unprecedented quality.
Control: Head tracking



Game devoted to players with nerves of steel! Virtual reality will take you directly to an abandoned hospital that is controlled by a bunch of zombies. Your task is to get through this whole madness!
Control: Pcpad, ps3pad, Smartphone gun!



Rail Shooter type of game and a continuation of Zombie Hospital. This time, we encounter our well-known enemy in a completely new setting. Watch your every move. You never know what hides behind the nearby tree.



Take part in a big winter race. Play as a friendly reindeer and meet your friends on a slope full of obstacles and surprises. High level o playability and a fierce competition are the major advantages of this application.



You’ve never seen anything like that before! Meet your friends in augmented reality, where an interactive RPG board is already waiting for you. Take control of it by moving your head and hands and be in control of every part of the game.


Develop for Cmoar!

Using smartphone in our goggles gives the developers completely new and unlimited possibilities. Feel free to develop applications that the world has not seen so far. As developers, feel free to make use of our forum and SDK. You can start working right now. We strongly invite to our forum.






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About us

Damian Boczek – Ceo & Founder
"Everything started over a year ago when new HMD gained huge popularity. Nevertheless, I didn’t merely want to observe the revolution – I wanted to become a part of it. It didn’t take me long to understand what feasible potential do the smartphones have. Particularly now, when the first mobile with 2560x1440 screen has started to be on sale. I was discovering new possibilities everyday and for the first time I decided to combine all the already existing projection goggles and pack their good points into one device.

It's really hard to believe that I started working on Cmoar over a year ago, being completely on my own. Now I have a group of trusted friends who support me and what is more, we are assisted by the best designers and constructors."

We work hard every day to make our solutions revolutionary. We don’t want to rehash old ideas but create new ones! Cmoar is just the beginning.

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